Trump Continues To Boast About COVID Briefing Ratings

Trump is likely reacting to this Fox News story:

CNN’s most prominent anchors and reporters have ratcheted up their attacks against President Trump during the coronavirus outbreak as the liberal network continues to blur the lines between straight news and opinion journalism.

Media company Grabien founder and editor Tom Elliott said it’s “notable” that CNN, who for months chastised the White House for halting the daily press briefing, is “now patting itself on the back” for not airing significant portions of the coronavirus task force briefings, including the president’s prepared remarks.

“There’s no doubt the coronavirus is the biggest news story of the decade, and the White House is on the leading edge of America’s response. That CNN believes it needs to decide on their viewers’ behalf whether these briefings are newsworthy suggests they don’t have much confidence in their viewers’ intelligence,” Elliott told Fox News.