Trump Camp Reacts To Hillary’s Biden Endorsement With Video Ridiculing Her Collapse At 9/11 Memorial

Word of Hillary Clinton’s coming endorsement of Joe Biden leaked out a couple of hours ago, giving the Trump campaign time to prepare a video which ridicules the time in 2016 that she appeared to collapse in the New York heat after attending an hours-long 9/11 memorial service in downtown Manhattan.

As you will surely recall, the Trump campaign had deployed an army of crackpots to seed the internet and in particular, social media, which claims that Clinton was perpetually on death’s door.

Those claims then filtered upstream to Trump’s sycophants in the media, including Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and perhaps most notably, the National Enquirer, which blasted out headlines like “SHOCKER: Hillary Given Six Months To Live!”

The 2020 version of that MAGA World tactic is their claims that Joe Biden has undiagnosed Alzheimer’s or dementia or senility. These claims are promulgated by bot armies, who flood Twitter with identically-worded bullshit.