TODAY: The Sixteenth Blogiversary Of Joe.My.God.

Today marks the sixteenth blogiversary of this here website thingy. Counting this one, we’re at 96,465 posts over 16 years, the last twelve of which have been without a day off. As I’ve said on this day every year, whether I am insanely committed or am insane and should be committed – that is entirely your call.

Most of my news aggregation happens here at my glamorous walk-up studio apartment, but over the years I’ve updated the site from every imaginable location – planes, trains, ferries, taxis, hotels, diners, conventions, rallies, protests, my doctor’s office, and once, memorably, between innings at Yankee Stadium.

The news never stops, especially now that we have a spectacularly stupid person running the country, someone prone to late night firings on Twitter and vicious predawn attacks over perceived slights.

I appreciate all of you for sticking with me all these years, particularly of late when the entire world has been turned upside down.

For many years site traffic has indicated that most of you tend to read JMG during office hours, but we continue to see the usual traffic numbers even though plenty of you are now likely reading this on your couch in your underwear, which presumably is not your usual office outfit.

On the down side, a lot of the ads you’ve seen lately on JMG have tended to be PSA types and other “remnant” fillers. That because, perhaps obviously, the advertisers that gravitate towards the LGBT vertical – namely travel, restaurant, and entertainment companies – have largely put their campaigns on hold.

That’s why, more than ever, it’s the generous support of the JMG community that keeps the lights on around here. PayPal sends me a monthly tip jar recap, but for those who donate without a PayPal account and for other reasons I still don’t understand, I often don’t get an email address to send a note of thanks.

As Miss Coco Peru famously says, this bothers me. Consider this a hairy virtual bear hug for each of you.

On behalf of myself and our tireless tech support guys, Russ and Jack, who deal with a lot of nonsense at stupid hours, you have our eternal thanks for being part of the rollicking community of “homosexual buccaneers” at JMG.

Help yourself to some punch and cookies. Please don’t let the cat out. And onward to year SEVENTEEN!

(PayPal restricts to their “Donate” button to non-profits.)