Supreme Court Dismisses NRA-Backed Gun Rights Case

USA Today reports:

The Supreme Court sidestepped its first major case on the Second Amendment in nearly a decade Monday by ruling that New York City’s repeal of a restriction on gun owners rendered the case closed. The vote appeared to be 6-3, although it was an unsigned, two-page opinion. Three conservative justices dissented in a 31-page rebuttal.

The high court’s action signaled a turning point in the lengthy battle by the National Rifle Association and other groups to convince the justices that the Second Amendment is a second-class right in need of their support. Now they likely will turn their attention to other cases challenging state and local restrictions that are in the pipeline.

When the justices agreed to hear the case a year ago, gun control groups feared they would use it to render a blockbuster ruling that extended gun rights outside the home or made local and state restrictions harder to justify.