South Dakota Cases Soar As Gov Refuses Lockdown

The New York Post reports:

South Dakota’s coronavirus cases have begun to soar after its governor steadfastly refused to mandate a quarantine. The number of confirmed cases in the state has risen from 129 to 988 since April 1 — when Gov. Kristi Noem criticized the “draconian measures” of social distancing to stop the spread of the virus in her state.

Noem had criticized the quarantine idea as “herd mentality, not leadership” during a news conference, adding “South Dakota is not New York.”

The state now calls home to one of the largest single clusters of coronavirus outbreaks, with 300 workers at a ­pork-processing plant infected with the deadly bug. The factory, Smithfield Foods, accounts for five percent of the country’s pork production and was announced it will be forced to close on Sunday.