Roger Stone “Praying” For Pardon: I’ll Die In Prison

Fox News reports:

Longtime President Trump associate Roger Stone, who was sentenced earlier this year to roughly three years in prison for making false statements and witness tampering, said in a podcast released Thursday that he’s “praying” for a pardon from the president — repeating a claim that his punishment would be a “de facto death sentence” because of coronavirus.

Stone went on to list a number of examples of what he considers “the double standard of justice,” including that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was released from federal custody because of the coronavirus, as was Trump’s enemy Michael Avenatti, while he is still required to report to serve his sentence in less than a week.

“Let me put it more precisely, Frank, I am praying for a pardon,” Stone responded before detailing some of his spiritual journey, including time spent with evangelist Franklin Graham renewing his Christian faith.