RNC Chair: Biden Made Career Of Kowtowing To China

Ronna McDaniel writes for the Daily Caller:

Since securing the nod to the Democratic nomination, Joe Biden has been busy trying to rewrite history and his record of being soft on China. Despite making a career out of kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party, Biden, along with the media and Democratic establishment, are trying to argue that the same man who as recently as last year said China is “not our problem” nor “our competition” would be tougher on Beijing in office than President Trump.

Also rushing to Biden’s defense is a high-minded sounding group called “The Lincoln Project,” a political action committee founded by a cadre of nominally – and in many cases former – Republican strategists who have taken it upon themselves to “protect American democracy by defeating President Trump.”

Cue their latest ad, which bizarrely tries to make the case that because Ivanka Trump’s former fashion company received trademarks from China, President Trump has been unduly influenced by his own financial interests rather than committed to putting the American people first. Of course, the entire premise of the ad is ridiculous.