RNC Big Money Ad Blitz Hails Trump’s COVID Response

Politico reports:

The Republican National Committee is launching a seven-figure advertising campaign lavishing praise on President Donald Trump for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, as the president confronts a sustained assault from liberal groups over his response to the crisis. The digital blitz, which will run across more than a dozen battleground states, is unusual: The committee rarely spends so heavily on advertising so early in an election year.

But over the last several weeks, an array of liberal groups has spent millions of dollars on commercials battering Trump. On Thursday, Pacronym, a liberal super PAC, began running a web video hammering the president for initially downplaying the virus. The commercials are slated to begin April 13 and run through May 4. The RNC is dipping into a sizable war chest: It reported having more than $76 million on hand, giving it a substantial advantage over its Democratic counterpart.