REPORT: McConnell Loathes Trump, Calls Him “Nuts”

Salon reports:

According to an extensively researched report on what makes Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell tick, New Yorker writer Jane Mayer reveals that the Senate leader has reportedly called Donald Trump “nuts” behind his back — and that he cynically only supports the president because he is left alone to pursue his own agenda while Trump goes through the motions of being presidential.

“Although the two men almost always support each other in public, several members of McConnell’s innermost circle told me that in private things are quite different. They say that behind Trump’s back McConnell has called the President ‘nuts,’ and made clear that he considers himself smarter than Trump, and that he ‘can’t stand him. (A spokesman for McConnell, who declined to be interviewed, denies this.),” Mayer wrote.

Read the New Yorker article here.