#QAnon Nutbags Celebrate: Trump Knows About Bleach

NBC News reports:

Unfounded and harmful coronavirus treatments — including those that were floated by President Donald Trump — continue to spread online, evading efforts to crack down on misinformation. Trump suggested at a White House news briefing Thursday that scientists should test beaming ultraviolet light “inside the body” and injecting disinfectants in an effort to find new coronavirus remedies.

The companies, which had names like “Beam Sanitizer,” ran ads on Instagram and Facebook in March, according to Facebook’s ad library. Conspiracy theorists, including those that center around the QAnon conspiracy, have also advocated for drinking a diluted form of bleach called MMS. Prominent QAnon accounts celebrated Trump’s apparent nod to bleach consumption or injection, with one prominent QAnon YouTuber and MMS reseller calling it “a good ‘lung cleaner’” on Thursday night.

Read the full article. Ads promoting UV lights and bleach to treat COVID continue to appear on Facebook and Instagram despite claims that such ads will no longer be permitted.