President Body Bags: Briefings Aren’t Worth My Time

The Guardian reports:

After more than a month of near-daily White House coronavirus press briefings, Donald Trump stayed behind closed doors on Saturday after advisers reportedly warned the president that his appearances were hurting his campaign. Trump himself referenced his absence when he wrote on Twitter that the briefings are “not worth the time & effort”. The president wrote the tweet on Saturday evening, when he would usually be taking the podium to address journalists.

In recent weeks Trump has used the briefings to dole out unproven and debunked medical advice, suggesting that things like sunlight and an anti-malaria drug are cures to Covid-19, often causing his own medical experts to try to correct the record. But on Friday Trump surprised observers by taking no questions and stalking out of the room. It is unclear whether Trump can stay away from the podium, or whether his instincts as a reality television star will kick in and the show will go on.