Pastor Closes Church Due To “Tyrannical Government”

The Daily Beast reports:

The controversial Florida pastor arrested this week for holding massive services in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic said Wednesday he will not do it again this weekend. “I actually have no choice at this juncture but to shut the church down this Sunday,” Rodney Howard-Browne of The River at Tampa Bay said on his livestream call-in show. “I have to do this to protect the congregation—not from the virus but from a tyrannical government.”

Howard-Browne kept his followers guessing for two days about whether he would risk re-arrest by inviting them to pack into the church, where he claims he installed machines to prevent them from being infected. But on his Wednesday show, he finally revealed he would not reopen it, saying he didn’t want church staff or members to be arrested and floating the insane idea that an outsider infected with coronavirus might show up to a service and try to make his faithful sick.

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