Ohio Governor To Stage Reopening Beginning May 1st

The Washington Examiner reports:

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine was one of the first governors to start closing down his state when the coronavirus hit, but now he’s offering one of the first economic reopenings in the nation.

DeWine, a Republican, announced Thursday that Ohio will begin to reopen some of its businesses on May 1. The governor has a stay-at-home order in place until May 1 and opted not to extend it as he begins to roll out his plan for relaxing some of the social distancing guidelines.

The governor noted that the state will have to adjust its behavior until a vaccine, which could take up to 18 months to develop, is ready. While new trends such as wearing masks and social distancing may stay in place, he warned that leaving the economy shuttered could lead to other public health crises such as drug abuse or homelessness.