NRA: Spend Your Stimulus Checks On Our Donors’ Guns

Media Matters reports:

The National Rifle Association is encouraging Americans to spend their coronavirus stimulus checks on “sweet deals” from gun and firearm accessory manufacturers, including companies that have donated tens of thousands of dollars to the NRA — and one that’s given the gun group over $1 million.

This isn’t the first time that the NRA has tried to fundraise off of fearmongering during the coronavirus pandemic. The NRA’s magazine American Rifleman published an April 23 article promoting ways to “stretch those bucks” on some “special spring gun deals for your stimulus check.”

Four of the seven companies listed in the article have donated to the NRA: Springfield Armory, Crimson Trace, FN America, and Hornady. Beyond the blatantly transparent attempt to boost the profits of its donors, the NRA is also promoting a dangerous surge in gun sales.