Navy “Disappointed” With Captain Of Stricken Carrier

The Navy Times reports:

The Navy’s senior leadership was aware of both the COVID-19 outbreak onboard the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt and the concern about properly isolating sailors well before the ship’s commanding officer, Capt. Brett Crozier, sent a letter Monday up his chain of command sounding the alarm, the Navy’s top admiral told reporters Wednesday.

“Let me emphasize that this is exactly what we want our commanding officers, our medical teams, to do,” acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said, though he later lamented that the letter went public.

Crozier’s most cutting critique came at the end of his letter, when he warned that if the Navy didn’t take immediate action, it would be failing to protect sailors. “My response to that is it’s disappointing to have him say that,” Modly said. “However, at the same time, I know that’s not the truth.”

The letter surfaced after it was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle. You can bet that “disappointing” will translate into punishment for the captain, although it may not come for some time.