Michael Savage: Anthony Fauci Has Gone “Full Nazi”

“I don’t want to talk about Dr. Death. I don’t want to talk about Fauci goes full Nazi with immunity cards for all. Fauci wants us to have immunity cards. I don’t think he should really be taken in the wrong way on that.

“I don’t think he’s got a thing for the Obergruppenführer within. I don’t think Obergruppenführer Herr Dr. Fauci really wants us to tattoo whether we have antibodies or not to COVID on our head, but we can’t tell yet. I’ve watched this weasel for 40 years.

“I never liked him during the AIDS epidemic. I don’t know how this weasel has survived 40 years in the NIMH — or the NIH rather.

“How has the weasel been in this government for 40 years? He is the swamp. You know Trump was going to clean up the swamp. This man is the swamp. He is the snake-in-chief.” – Michael Savage, on today’s radio show.

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