MIAMI: Private Island Approved For COVID Bailout

The Miami Herald reports:

The homeowners’ association for Fisher Island, an exclusive enclave near Miami that recently bought enough COVID-19 antibody tests for all of its residents and workers, has been approved for a $2 million loan through a federal program intended to help small businesses survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, according to an email the association sent Wednesday, the association is taking a straw poll of residents on whether to accept the payout.

“It is very important to the board of Directors to take into consideration the views of our members,” the email said. “It is also important to the board that the right decision is made for the island.” It wasn’t immediately clear how the Fisher Island Community Association — the master homeowners’ group for the wealthiest ZIP code in the United States — would plan to use the money.

Bolding is motherfucking mine.