Mat Staver: Christians Are Facing “Targeted” Tyranny Like Jews Were Under Nazis, We’re Being “Ghettoized”

“I mean, it’s a targeting. It is, you know, I don’t want to be too melodramatic, but I’m telling you what. You know, this happened before in history. We’ve seen people being targeted, that you are being targeted with a particular symbol that you have to wear.

“You get targeted with your business, you get terminated from your job, and eventually you get ghettoized.

“And what we’re seeing here is the absolute targeting of Christians in churches to a level I’ve never even imagined would happen in America.” – Liberty Counsel president Mat Staver, speaking on Shitbag Todd Starnes’ radio show.

Via email from the Liberty Counsel:

Pastors in over 30 states have contacted Liberty Counsel for guidance and representation as pastors nationwide have been illegally and unconstitutionally arrested for serving their flocks. Walmart and Home Depot are open in each of the areas where we are representing pastors and churches. Grocers and liquor stores are open in these areas.

None of these commercial entities took nearly the level of sanitation and safety precautions taken by our clients. Even abortion clinics are open in most of these areas. United States Attorney General William Barr’s official directive from the US Department of Justice clearly states that churches MUST NOT be treated differently than any commercial business.

Yet the tyrannical, anti-Christian persecution of churches and pastors continues across our land. We are standing with these churches and defending each client free of charge because it is their constitutional RIGHT to hold church without government interference and because it is their calling from God.