MAGA World Attacks Pelosi Over Pricey Ice Cream

Real Clear Politics reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was mocked as “Nancy Antoinette” last week for showing off her posh freezer with boutique ice cream that goes for $13 a pint in a webcam interview on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden.’ The Trump campaign showed off her extravagant fridge and freezer set in a new campaign web video highlighting Americans standing in line at food banks.

The Federalist reports:

Clearly, the staffer that thought this was a cute idea has yet to lose their own paycheck like 22 million other Americans, or at least they hadn’t until this video aired. Not to mention, any experienced communications staffer would also know the last time a politician indulged in ice cream gluttony, it made blaring headlines. “PRESIDENT GETS 2 SCOOPS OF ICE CREAM, EVERYONE ELSE 1,” as CNN’s chyron once read.

The Daily Mail reports:

“I thought the notion of Nancy Pelosi holding up aid to small businesses while she stood in front of her two very expensive refrigerators and talked about how she loves to have her $11.75-a-pint ice cream to comfort her is the most tone-deaf thing I’ve seen a Speaker of the House do,” Newt Gingrich said on ‘Fox & Friends’ Monday morning.

Gingrich, as Speaker, has had his own optics problem in the past. He admitted in 2007 that while he was leading an impeachment effort against President Clinton in 1998 – an impeachment that centered around Clinton lying about an affair he was having with Monica Lewinsky – Gingrich, too, was being unfaithful to his wife.