Madagascar President Touts Herbal COVID “Cure”

ABC News reports:

As their high school reopened after being closed for a month due to the coronavirus, students in Madagascar’s capital city were given face masks and a small bottle of an herbal extract they were told to drink to protect them from COVID-19.

Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina promoted the drink, Covid Organics, on national television saying it will “change the course of history.”

There are no approved drugs for COVID-19 and numerous treatments and vaccines are currently being tested around the world. Madagascar, an Indian Ocean island nation of 26 million people, currently has 128 recorded cases of Covid-19 and no deaths.

Students must down the drink, which is made from a bitter root, in order to be allowed into school. The concoction has not been scientifically studied. Last year a measles epidemic killed over 1200 in Madagascar. The president is a former concert promoter.