LOUISIANA: No Jail For Defiant Branch Covidian Pastor Tony Spell, Judge Is Worried He Might Infect Prisoners

TMZ reports:

Tony Spell showed up yesterday and falsely claimed his congregations were practicing social distancing — in fact, the video clearly shows the congregants were packed in. Spell also displayed his ankle bracelet as an act of defiance to the judge who ordered him to wear it after getting arrested for allegedly trying to run over a protester.

Now, here’s what’s really shocking. The judge could have cited Spell for contempt of court and changed his mailing address to the county jail, but he didn’t do that. The judge is worried that Spell might infect the prisoners who are currently in jail, so Tony gets a pass.

The judge did say further violations will be addressed, but you gotta assume the same situation will exist next Sunday as well. There will still be prisoners who would be put at risk if Spell ends up behind bars.