Loeffler Pledges To Liquidate Personal Stock Holdings

The Daily Beast reports:

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) pledged on Wednesday to liquidate her personal stock holdings amid a firestorm over trades that coincided with non-public Senate briefings on the novel coronavirus. “

Although Senate ethics rules don’t require it, my husband and I are liquidating our holdings in managed accounts and moving into exchange-traded funds and mutual funds,” Loeffler wrote in a Wall Street Journal column on Wednesday. “I will report these exiting transactions in the periodic transaction report I file later this month.”

“I have never used any confidential information I received while performing my Senate duties as a means of making a private profit. Nor has anyone in my family,” she wrote.

This move comes after Loeffler cratered in the polls. She’s currently trailing raging Trump cultist Doug Collins by double digits.