Liberty Counsel Celebrates Pandemic: “Finally The False Gods Of Statism And Celebrities Have Been Laid Low”

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

One by one, idols and false gods that humans have created have been laid low. Celebrity athletes, musicians and movie stars – languish as their venues are all closed. Money – the stock markets have crashed and the economy is largely shut down.

Technology – Internet and phone lines are straining under increased traffic as websites freeze and crash, while their programmers and software developers are being exposed for spying on us all.

Even many TV news personalities – once primped, primed and perfect in appearance – are reporting from their own homes. These “icons of the airwaves” are now revealed to be average people with normal clothes, normal houses and the same smeared make-up and out-of-place hair the rest of us live with daily.

Finally, the false god of statism is toppling. Government officials at all levels are themselves violating the Constitution, countermanding their own edicts, reporting incorrect data, and touting falsified models while issuing incoherent orders which create chaos. And while many have put their faith in the state, the state is failing to meet their needs.

And perhaps the worst failure of all is the insistence of so many state and local officials to shutter every church in their jurisdictions and presuming churches are “non-essential activities.”

We are living in prophetic times. Our world is experiencing plagues, pestilence and earthquakes. One of the most powerful men in the world, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, is pushing for mandatory, trackable digital IDs for every human being.

Is it any wonder that some are speculating this might be the end of the world? But if so, isn’t this the WRONG time to allow churches to be closed?