Kenneth Copeland Summons “Supernatural Heatwave” To Kill The Coronavirus In NYC: “I Have The Authority”

The Christian Post reports:

Declaring his authority over the weather and his ability to command it, prosperity preacher and televangelist Kenneth Copeland called forth a “supernatural heatwave” to kill the new coronavirus in New York City and “the rest of the world where it’s needed.” Speaking on the first day of his Virtual Victory Campaign on Facebook Live, the leader of Kenneth Copeland Ministries called the weather “God’s weapon” and revealed that “we learned 45 years ago that we have command, authority over the weather.”

“It’s going to get so hot in New York City. It’s going to get so hot and muggy, glory to God! It’s going to hit that place and it’s going to burn that virus. It’s going to, you know what it’s like in New York City at 85 or 90 degrees. It’s going to get however hot it has to get there to kill that thing right now all over this nation and the rest of the world where it’s needed,” he said. “I just heard the Lord say this ’cause I’ve witnessed it, it’s even better if there is no wind at all. Just enough heat to keep from killing them people in New York City.”

The post linked above goes to call out Copeland as a liar, noting that WHO has said that there’s no evidence that COVID is affected by weather.

Copeland last appeared on JMG when he declared that God told him he needs $300 million this year and that his grant is “on file in heaven.”