Jesse Ventura Blasts Rumors Of Green Party WH Bid

The New York Post reports:

Former WWE star Jesse Ventura early Thursday slammed rumors that he has filed paperwork to run for president. Despite previously hinting at plans for a “surprise” last-minute run, the wrestler-turned-Minnesota governor went on a Twitter tirade against “salacious click bait articles” suggesting he’d filed paperwork.

“Earn your paycheck. Verify something. Anything. Let’s start with: No, I haven’t filed to run for office,” the 68-year-old strongman railed against journalists suggesting otherwise. Ventura’s tirade followed a late-night Twitter rant that stretched into the wee hours about the election and his plans to support the Green party.

Ventura is a regular on Russia’s RT network. He served a fairly well-regarded term as Minnesota governor after a term as mayor of a Minneapolis suburb.