Jerry Falwell Seeks Arrests Of “Trespassing” Reporters

“This [New York Times] reporter and her photographer, and a reporter from ProPublica – it’s a George Soros publication – they also came on campus. And we had signs on every entrance, no trespassing.

“Some of these publications actually put the pictures of the no trespassing signs on their websites as they were trespassing.  So we actually went to the local magistrate, we’ve sworn out warrants for their arrests.

“Misdemeanor warrants. They put our students at risk. We feel like we’re not only going to file defamation suits, but we also have sworn warrants out for their arrest for trespassing.

“Even today, they still haven’t corrected their story. They still today doubled down with another article and lied some more. It’s going to be an ugly legal fight, I’m sorry to say, but they forced us into a corner.

“They go after the one school that’s not liberal, that’s conservative and Christian. They use this virus as an excuse to politicize and to attack Christians and to attack conservatives and that’s the really sad part.

“They’re going to be hit with defamation suits. It’s time for them to learn a lesson. I just don’t feel like I have any choice.” – Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., speaking today on Shitbag Starnes’ radio show.