GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler Again Monetizing Pandemic

The Daily Beast reports:

The Georgia Republican is taking every chance she gets to plug her presidential appointment to a White House task force on “reopening America.” She’s using the appointment to attempt to court campaign supporters, taking out paid ads promoting it, and has even set up a stand-alone campaign website offering coronavirus information to constituents—a site that also happens to help her build her campaign’s voter contact list.

Though she’s just one of 52 senators who did get the White House nod, Loeffler has done her best to make it appear like she was given the president’s implicit endorsement. “President Trump tapped me to help re-open the American economy. While the fight against COVID-19 continues, we must provide relief to those in need and get Georgians back to work safely!” Loeffler’s campaign wrote in a Facebook ad that began running on Monday.

While Mitt Romney is the only GOP Senator snubbed by Trump for the task force, also snubbed was Loeffler’s Senate opponent, Rep. Doug Collins, who didn’t make the cut of 32 GOP House members. Loeffler is fundraising on that as if she was personally selected. Last week, you may recall, she said criticism of her stock trades is a “socialist attack.”