GOP Rep. Steve King Wants “Names And Addresses” Of COVID Patients So Others Can Make “Good Decisions”

“If we don’t know who is positive, then how do we know how to help them, pray for them, and how do we know not to visit them, for that matter?

“People will say, well, there’s a stigma attached with that today. There may be. But I don’t know why there should be a stigma attached with it. You don’t know where you get it, how you get it. But if you have it, then you need to be staying away from other people and self-quarantining.

“And so if we’re going to address this and eradicate this virus, then if, say in our neighborhood we don’t know who has it, we only see that maybe one person in the entire county has tested positive.

“And then no one knows who that is, or that’s supposed to know, according to the rules we’re living by today. And when that person is now recovered, we don’t know that either. I don’t think that we can make very good decisions without information.

“The first thing I would like to have, I’d like to have age, I’d like to have pre-existing conditions. I’d like to know whether they’re male or female, and then on down the line. What town they live in, what their address is, what their name is.

“If we had all of that, we could make good decisions.” – White supremacist GOP Rep. Steve King, speaking on a “telephone town hall” with his constituents.