Fox Host Rages At Proposed Virus Response Probe

“Speaker Pelosi has something up her sleeve — how about a new round of investigations, timed for September and October, right before the election? The speaker went to the very friendly territory of CNN, and called for quote, ‘an after-action review.’ You know what that means? After the virus, investigate the president’s actions and come up with some dirt, some kind of a scandal, and put it all on national television, wall-to-wall.

“Congressman Adam Schiff has joined in. Yes, he is back. He is demanding a 9/11-style commission — more investigations with him in the chair. There is no end to the Democrats’ contempt for this president. Adam Schiff is just dying to get back on TV.

“It is a desperate political strategy. What a gamble. The Democrats tried to smear the president with “Russia, Russia, Russia,” and Robert Mueller, and then impeachment, and now they’re at it again. But what else can they do? Investigate, investigate, investigate, and come up with an October surprise. That is a gamble. If it fails, it surely opens the door to a second Trump term, doesn’t it?” – Fox Business host Stuart Varney.

Varney has claimed Trump has never lied to Americans.