Fox Host Hails Trump’s “Powerful” Propaganda Video

“I was watching that press briefing yesterday, I’m sure you guys saw it. The president comes out. I mean, this is like something I’ve never seen before. He played a video in the middle of the press conference with a timeline, because the media’s criticizing him for all of his faults.

“And he said, look, you’re the ones that downplayed this risk. And so he played a timeline of what he said back in January, what he said in February, and then what the media was saying in January, what the media was saying in February and into March.

“And it was pretty powerful, a powerful moment. There was a clip in there from Cuomo, there was a clip in there from the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, praising him for his efforts and that they were all working together.” – Ainsley Earhardt.