Fox Host Defends Trump’s “Hilarious” Clorox Claims

“Was it off-the-cuff? Maybe, doesn’t matter. Was it sarcasm? Maybe, maybe not, doesn’t matter. What matters is that anyone actually believes that he was saying you should inject Clorox into people.

“I mean, one thousand days with Trump plus as president and we still have an entire industry mobilized by an offhand comment. How can any adult believe seriously believe that he was saying, hey, people should inject Clorox into their body?

“I kept wanting to believe that because you have a pre-existing condition to believe the worst about everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth, or to believe the worst about anybody, really. I would challenge the media one day to look at somebody they don’t like and try to assume the best of their comments.  

“I can’t believe that they are actually interviewing experts. So, just tell us, you can’t put Clorox injected into your body, can you? I mean — people. This is actually a news cycle, as other stuff is going on. This is hilarious.” – Fox News host Greg Gutfeld.