FLORIDA: Biden +3 Over Trump In New Fox Poll

Fox News reports:

Florida voters narrowly prefer presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the presidential race, as a majority says the White House was too slow in responding to the coronavirus outbreak. In a head-to-head matchup, Biden bests Trump by 46-43 percent, according to a Fox News Poll of Florida registered voters.

Some of Trump’s highest support comes from white voters (+18), whites without a college degree (+24), and conservatives (+41). He is underperforming among each of these groups compared to 2016, when he won whites by 32 points, no degree whites by 36, and conservatives by 62.

Biden’s advantage is mainly due to a 12-point lead among women. He is also the favorite among Hispanics (+18 points) and independents (+11). Biden is over-performing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 support among women and independents.