FBI Charges Doctor For $4000 COVID “Miracle Cure,” Allegedly Cited Trump’s Endorsement Of Malaria Drug

CNN reports:

It was described as the “magic bullet” to protect against the deadly coronavirus — a “remarkable clinical phenomenon” that could cure the disease within hours. In the words of San Diego physician Jennings Staley, the drug hydroxychloroquine​, approved to treat conditions ranging from malaria to lupus, was “almost too good to be true.”

On his website advertising the product, Staley — whose practice includes Botox injections, tattoo removal, oxygen therapy, and fat transfer — cited President Donald Trump’s recent promotion of a French study claiming hydroxychloroquine had overwhelmingly positive results in the fight against Covid-19​, according to federal prosecutors.

In an advertising email message reviewed by the FBI, Staley’s purported medical package included dosages of hydroxychloroquine, antibacterial drug Azithromycin, antianxiety treatments, intravenous drips, and the use of a medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Staley offered to sell the items as a family pack for $3,995, according to the criminal complaint.

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