Evangelist: I Angered The COVID Demon By Praying

From the reliably insane Charisma News:

As we sang and prayed in the Spirit, my prayer language shifted into a warfare tongue. As ambulances drove by, no one stopped us as we decreed into the heavens.

While praying, I looked up, and I saw COVID-19 as a dark and sinister entity. I have seen principalities and demonic powers before, and this reminded me of those, but I am unsure if this was a demonic entity or metaphor correlating the virus with demonic spirits.

But that was not the focus of my spiritual eyes, even though it was angry and enraged. I saw COVID19 reeling from the prayers of the saints as I sensed prayers from around the world striking it. And I focused on Jesus.

As I looked at COVID-19, which I believe was manufactured from the pits of hell, and I started decreeing, “You will bow to Jesus! You will bow to Jesus! You will bow in Jesus’ name! You will bow in Jesus’ name!”

(Tipped by JMG reader Scott)