Cuomo: I’m Not Running For President, VP, Or Cabinet

At today’s briefing, Cuomo was asked about this:

A recent poll shows Americans would prefer to select New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee rather than former Vice President Joe Biden, based on his response to the new coronavirus pandemic. The poll, conducted on behalf of the Club for Growth PAC – an economic conservative organization – shows that voters overwhelmingly (54 percent) approve of the job Cuomo is doing in response to the pandemic.

Only one-in-five poll voters disapprove. In contrast, 32 percent of poll voters approve of Biden’s response to the pandemic.  According to the poll, four key demographics want to see Cuomo as the nominee rather than Biden: 66 percent of voters under age 35, 57 percent of women, 58 percent of Hispanics and 55 percent of African Americans. Biden is the presumed 2020 Democratic nominee, after Bernie Sanders announced he was dropping out of the race earlier this week.