Cuomo Extends NY Lockdown Order Thru May 15th

NBC New York reports:

Imagine MetLife Stadium jam-packed, every seat filled. Picture two more of those. Now tack on a full Madison Square Garden. Imagine if all of those people were infected with coronavirus. New York and New Jersey alone would still have more cases — and it wouldn’t be close. Now picture a full Barclays Center. It would barely have enough seats for the tri-state’s dead. The tri-state area will eclipse 300,000 infections and 20,000 deaths by the end of the day Thursday.

Despite the tragedy, social distancing and other mitigation efforts are working, governors say. The flattening curve proves that. We’re on the path toward thinking about reopening, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says — but we’re not there yet. On Thursday, he said New York’s shutdown would be extended, in coordination with other states, through May 15 to keep the infection rate contained.

LA and DC have the same May 15th lockdown order.