Cultists Block Traffic In MI Capital Over Lockdown

Lansing’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Traffic is moving slowly or not at all around the Michigan Capitol in Lansing while protesters block streets to demonstrate against coronavirus restrictions. Dozens of vehicles snarled traffic around the capitol complex to slow down travel for lawmakers and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as part of Operation Gridlock.

The protesters are upset about Whitmer’s extended “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order, which placed new restrictions on residents and businesses through the end of April.

The Michigan Conservative Coalition organized Wednesday’s demonstration outside the capitol. The organization, along with Republican lawmakers, are seeking looser restrictions that will put more people back to work.

Detroit’s Fox affiliate reports:

The protest was supposed to start at noon but people were already packing the roads by 9 a.m. and hundreds of people were standing in front of the Capitol and not social distancing, despite the Facebook event page requesting they stay in their cars.

More drivers were jammed on Capitol Ave, where the one-way three-lane road was bumper to bumper for several miles north of the Capitol.

FOX 2’s Charlie Langton was social distancing among the crowd who told them they were not social distancing because it was their right not to do so but they understand the health crisis. They said they wish Gov. Whitmer had more faith in them not to get infected.