CDC Director Contradicts Trump: I Wasn’t Misquoted

The Washington Post reports:

In a tweet Wednesday, Trump alleged Redfield had been misquoted — though he accused CNN of doing it rather than The Post. He also said Redfield would be putting out a statement on the matter. No statement was put out, but eight hours later Trump welcomed Redfield to clarify his comments at the daily White House coronavirus task briefing. Trump introduced Redfield by again claiming repeatedly that he had been “misquoted.”

But while Redfield emphasized — as he did in the Post interview — that he was talking about the flu and the coronavirus combined, he actually affirmed his quote, contradicting Trump. “I’m accurately quoted in The Washington Post,” Redfield said. All of that aside, what’s apparent from all this is that Trump is again bristling at a health official offering too dire a scenario. And that matters.