Candace Owens Encourages Refusing To Get Tested

“Serious question for those of you that are in the ‘we need to expand testing’ camp. Do you expect testing to be compulsory? Because I have no plans to get tested for #coronavirus, and in a nation of 330 million people, it’s safe to assume I’m not the only one.

“And if your answer is ‘no it should not be compulsory’, then why are you waiting for testing capabilities to become large-scale?  If your answer is ‘yes, it will be mandatory’ have you thought through what the consequences will be for those that refuse testing?

“If the testing is not going to be compulsory, then we can reopen now, bc not everyone wants to get tested. If it is compulsory— what are the consequences if citizens refuse? More house arrest?  – Trump cultist Candace Owens, speaking to her 2.2 million Twitter followers.