Branch Covidians To Stage Massive Easter Gathering

The Branch Covidians are determined to own the libs:

Ammon Bundy, the rancher who led an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, said he plans on holding an Easter gathering despite stay-at-home orders implemented during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bundy told CNN he wants to gather several hundred people in Idaho at a yet-to-be-announced location. He said he believes it’s his constitutional right to assemble, even as state and local officials urge people to socially distance to avoid spreading the virus further.

“Our goal is to get enough people together and secure our rights… we are not trying to provoke, we want people to be able to worship,” Bundy said in a phone interview. Idaho is one of the 42 states that have implemented a stay-at-home order aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Bundy says he wants to contract the virus in order to become immune. As of yet, there’s no evidence that people can’t be reinfected.