Branch Covidian Megachurch Expects 2000 For Easter: “God Will Shield Us As We Stand Against The Antichrist”

Reuters reports:

A handful of holdout U.S. churches plan to hold in-person services on Easter Sunday, saying their right to worship in person outweighs public health officials’ warnings against holding large gatherings during the coronavirus outbreak.

“Satan and a virus will not stop us,” said the Reverend Tony Spell, 42, pastor of the evangelical Life Tabernacle Church near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He expects a crowd of more than 2,000 to gather in worship at his megachurch on Sunday.

“God will shield us from all harm and sickness,” Spell said in an interview. “We are not afraid. We are called by God to stand against the Antichrist creeping into America’s borders. We will spread the Gospel.”

Yesterday Spell told TMZ that if any of his parishioners die, it will be for God’s glory. “Like any pure religious person, death looks to them like a welcomed friend.”