Branch Covidian Pastor Defies Court, Holds Services

The Baton Rouge Advocate reports:

The pastor of a Central church who has defied state orders to limit the size of crowds at his worship service violated another order Sunday — preaching from the pulpit despite a judge’s directive that he stay at home under house arrest.

Wearing an ankle monitor attached after he was accused of threatening to run over a protester outside his Life Tabernacle Church last Sunday, the Rev. Tony Spell told his congregation it’s a “dirty rotten shame when you’re hiding in America.” Its members sang and waved signs reading “I stand with Pastor Spell.”

“God gave you an immune system to kill the virus,” Spell told his flock Sunday morning. “I’m not going to bind the virus.” Along with the recent aggravated assault and improper backing infractions, Spell has also been charged with six misdemeanor counts of violating the governor’s stay-at-home order.

TMZ reports:

Chief Corcoran says … “It’s a blatant disrespect to the law and to the judge’s order. It’s further proof Tony Spell is out for himself and has no respect for the law.”

And, it gets bats**t crazier … there’s a protest scheduled Monday outside the PD to protest the “unconstitutional arrest of Tony Spell” … organized by TV evangelist Joshua Feuerstein.

It’s not as simple as saying if they want to die then that’s their right, because as we learned in other states … one massive event like spring break or even a funeral can cause a cataclysmic outbreak.