Bomb Squad Called To CA Church Defying Lockdown

The Sacramento Bee reports:

Roseville police have blocked off a downtown street Tuesday because of fears that a bomb was mailed to the Abundant Life Fellowship Church, which had rejected orders last week to close over coronavirus until county health officials intervened.

On Tuesday morning, Pastor Doug Bird [photo] said he came to the church, which has been closed since his last service on Sunday, and looked at the package and decided to take it outside to the parking lot. Once there, he slit open the parcel slightly and saw what appeared to be a stick of dynamite and wires.

Bird told The Sacramento Bee that he recognized the return address and name on the box as having a name similar to a person that had posted critical comments about the church on Facebook. “I can’t tell you, but it was like the spirit of God, I knew immediately this name was one of the guys on Facebook,” he said, declining to name the person.

Bird’s lockdown defiance had been widely reported.

(Tipped by JMG reader Tom)