Biden Will Start Wearing Face Mask In Public [VIDEO]

ABC News reports:

Joe Biden has remained at his Willmington, Delaware, home, following the guidance of a stay-at-home order put in place by the state’s governor, and said Sunday morning that he would be heeding the advice of the CDC by wearing a mask the next time he goes out in public as a way to mitigate his risk of contracting COVID-19.

“Yes. Look, I think it’s important to follow the science, listen to the experts do what they tell you,” Biden said.

“He [Trump] may not like how he looks in a mask but the truth of the matter is that — follow the science. That’s what they’re telling us. So if I go out in public, and I have not gone to commercial places of late I haven’t gone to my local church … but my generic point is that you should follow the science.”