Biden To Name Advisory Panel On VP Selection: Choice Must Be “Capable Of Being The President Tomorrow”

The Washington Post reports:

Former vice president Joe Biden said he intends to name a panel of advisers by May 1 to help him select a running mate, offering the nugget early Wednesday via an appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

Announcing the committee would officially launch Biden’s search for a vice presidential candidate, a process that has already informally begun with allies of contenders making their case to Biden’s advisers. Biden has said that he will select a woman for the role and that he expects to whittle down the list of contenders to two or three by July.

“The first, the most important quality is someone who — if I walked away immediately from the office for whatever reason — that they can be president,” Biden said. He added that he wants the public to be able to see his pick as “capable of being president of the United States tomorrow.”

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