Biden Alerts Sanders That He’s Started His VP Search

Axios reports:

Joe Biden said he’s spoken to Sen. Bernie Sanders and former President Barack Obama about selecting a running mate — and that he wants to build “a bench of younger, really qualified people” who can lead the nation over the course of the next four presidential cycles.

Biden spoke about the state of the 2020 race during a virtual fundraiser on Friday night that was opened to pooled coverage. He said he’ll announce a committee in mid-April to oversee the vice presidential selection process. The former VP has a near-insurmountable lead over Sanders, but has not yet secured the number of delegates needed to claim the Democratic nomination.

“I don’t want him to think I’m being presumptuous, but you have to start now deciding who you’re going to have background checks done on as potential vice presidential candidates, and it takes time.”

Meanwhile, this is happening:

Could Joe Biden benefit from a little Cuomentum? People close to Gov. Andrew Cuomo certainly think so and are engaging in a furious behind-the-scenes campaign to tout his leadership during the COVID-19 outbreak and appeal to Team Biden, insiders say.

“Biden bundlers have told me that they are feeling pressure from Cuomo’s orbit to, at the very least, have the vice president bring him up in complimentary ways regarding his handling of the crisis,” said one New York Democratic operative regularly in touch with big Biden donors.

They seek to “keep the dust up” and “generate a positive whisper campaign” — potentially even netting Cuomo a spot on the 2020 Democratic ticket with Biden.

Cuomo continues to say he has no interest in being Biden’s running mate, which prospective running mates often say until they are selected.