Bible Museum Bought Allegedly Stolen Relic Papyrus

The Guardian reports:

An international mystery concerning the alleged theft of priceless ancient papyrus biblical fragments from a collection held at Oxford University has led to the arrest of a classics professor on suspicion of theft and fraud.

Dr Dirk Obbink, an associate professor in papyrology and Greek literature at the university, was detained by officers from Thames Valley police.

It is alleged that materials held at the Sackler Library had ended up in the US, in a collection belonging to the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. It was founded in 2017 by the Green family, billionaire American evangelical Christians who own Hobby Lobby, a chain of crafting stores.

Last month the museum was forced to acknowledge that the Dead Sea Scrolls on display were all fake. Last year the museum quietly removed its “Lunar Bible” exhibit after it was learned that its miniature bible had not actually been taken to the moon by an astronaut. The Green family has paid millions in fines over antiquities smuggled out of Iraq.