Baton Rouge Paper: Lock Up Branch Covidian Pastor

From the editorial board of the Baton Rouge Advocate:

The Rev. Tony Spell’s services, during a highly contagious outbreak of a deadly disease, make the church a tabernacle of death. The many summonses and misdemeanor counts — few of the clergy are accused of trying to use a church bus to run down a protester outside services — have failed to deter Spell’s conduct. A condition of house arrest was that Spell obey the law against gatherings. His word is obviously not his bond.

He is in defiance of not only authorities but the vast majority of faith leaders across this nation. And his further defiance of the law is making the authorities look ridiculous. They are helpless, it seems, from the governor on down. We renew our call to lock him up. Until authorities deal sternly with this troublemaker, he has proven he will not exercise good judgment and continue to endanger the lives of the faithful as well as others with whom they may come into contact.