AT&T Pressures Channels To Drop Jim Bakker’s Show

The Springfield News-Leader reports:

Jim Bakker’s Branson-area show is facing more backlash over a February episode that touted a colloidal silver product Bakker and a show guest claimed could “totally eliminate” coronavirus from the human body within hours. This time, the pushback is coming from $200 billion telecommunications giant AT&T.

According to a letter from a top AT&T official obtained by the News-Leader, the company recently asked seven channels airing on AT&T’s DirecTV platform to look at whether they should continue to carry the Jim Bakker Show.

“We have reached out to each of these channels,” wrote vice president of global public policy Brent Olson, “and asked that they carefully review this programming to ensure it complies with their contractual and legal obligations to us.”

Read the full article. Rather obviously, AT&T is worried about being included in lawsuits against Bakker.

Last week banks stopped processing credit card donations to Bakker, who is now laughably claiming he never promoted any cure for coronavirus.

In fact, as reported here on JMG several times, Bakker and his guests not only claimed that his “Silver Solution” cures COVID, it also cures “all venereal diseases.”