Approval Of Trump’s COVID Response Sinks 10 Points

Just in from Emerson College Polling:

A new Emerson College Polling national poll finds President Trump’s approval rating at 41% approval, with 50% disapproval. This indicates a 5 point swing in both directions since March, when his approval was 46% approval, 45% disapproval.

Approval of the Presidents’ handling of the coronavirus is at 39% approval, a 10 point drop from the 49% who approved of his handling of the situation in March. His disapproval rating of handling the Federal Government’s response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus increased 10 percentage points from 41% to 51%.

Voters were asked to rank candidates and former presidents on a favorability scale. Trump had the lowest favorability, with 38% favorable and 52% unfavorable. Biden’s favorability is also underwater, with 40% favorable and 41% unfavorable.

Former President George Bush currently has a rating of 40% favorable and 37% unfavorable. In contrast, former President Barack Obama remains very popular with voters with 56% favorable and 33% unfavorable in this poll.